From Social CBD, With Love. Here’s the latest news on Social Drops.
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From Social CBD, With Love. Here’s the latest news on Social Drops.

At Social CBD we’ve been doing a lot of research and reflection lately. As we navigated many transitions and changes this year, we decided to take this opportunity to freshen things up a bit and make a few changes. We hope these changes will be good for our company, you, our loyal customers and the planet we live on. That’s why the products you know and love are getting a makeover! 

First, let’s explain what we’re doing exactly and how it will affect you.

Formulation Changes

People are increasingly becoming conscious that sometimes fewer ingredients can be more effective than a long ingredient list. The trend towards simplicity is everywhere, from packaged food to cosmetics.  Sometimes simpler is better; when you simplify the ingredient list of your products, they become purer. You remove any additional ingredients that may or may not be as effective as you want. The focus is then on the star ingredient.  We’re embracing this philosophy at Social CBD and focusing on CBD from pure, US-grown hemp extract in our drops. CBD is a great ingredient and we want that to shine through in our drops.We believe that adding too many components to our CBD drops is like gilding a lily; the lily is glorious and stunning without enhancements. Similarly, CBD is a powerful, potent ingredient with many wonderful benefits for promoting relaxation and nourishing the endocannabinoid system. 

At Social CBD, we are always searching for ways to improve our products for you. We are constantly researching, developing, sourcing ingredients, improving our existing formulas, etc. Recently, we’ve been hard at work evaluating the components in our drops to find the most efficacious formulations while using fewer ingredients to minimize sensitivities and making our products suitable for as many people as possible. By reducing the number of ingredients, we have created a more streamlined product that is still effective and potent. We’ve simplified our formulas to include only a few ingredients with known benefits; no need for a long ingredient list, and the beautiful lily needs no gilding. As we continue our research and development, we may add new plant-based ingredients in more effective amounts so that every element fulfills a specific purpose. We want to be more intentional with our ingredients since sometimes less is more.

Packaging for a More Sustainable Future

We’ve decided to reduce the outer packaging of some of our products to help minimize waste. We’re going to start with our best-selling CBD Drops. In the near future, you’ll start seeing our Drops without their outer carton. Rest assured, the quality and efficacy of our Drops will remain the same; the Drops you love and rely on will be just as effective as always and will contain natural CBD derived from US-grown hemp. 

How Packaging Reduction Benefits Us All

As we evolve and grow, we strive to be more socially and environmentally responsible. Products don’t need so many layers of packaging. It’s possible to get by on less, and often that’s a more desirable course of action for manufacturers and consumers alike. Producing the outer layer of packaging in itself creates more emissions. Once the product is delivered to the customer, most people usually toss the outer packaging, which just creates more waste that ends up in landfills. Some packaging can be recycled, but there are times when that isn’t practical or possible, so it ends up discarded and contributing to pollution. That’s why when we cut back on packaging, it’s great for everyone. You no longer need to worry about the outer carton that Social CBD Drops came in. 

The second part of the packaging equation is cost. Not only is less packaging more sustainable, but it’s also helping us find innovative ways to reduce costs to keep our prices as affordable as possible. Producing layers of packaging can be expensive. That cost often gets passed on to the customer, and we want to ensure that our products continue to be accessible to as many people as possible. After all, our core philosophy is that wellness is everyone’s right; it isn’t a luxury that’s only available to a few. By reducing our packaging, we’re keeping our prices affordable while maintaining the same high-quality products you know and love. We’re helping fight inflation and ensuring that as many people as possible can afford Social CBD products. Think of it this way: your Social CBD essentials are still the same; they’re just getting a new wardrobe. 

Our packaging changes will roll out throughout the end of 2023. 

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