Extended-Release CBD Gel Capsules: How Do They Really Work?
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Extended-Release CBD Gel Capsules: How Do They Really Work?

When selecting a CBD product you may notice that there are many options for administering CBD into your body. There isn’t just one way to consume CBD—there are dozens. From oils and tinctures to infused butter for baked goods, there is no “right away” to enjoy CBD. Extended-release CBD gel capsules are making their foray onto the market and it’s incredibly exciting. Both convenient and long-lasting, extended-release gel capsules offer on-the-go benefits for those looking for lasting relief.

What is the science behind time-release?

The convenience of capsules make them a favored carrying device for CBD. They can either be hard- or soft-shelled—soft shells are otherwise known as gel capsules, liquid gels, or most formally, enteric. When you take a gel capsule, your digestive system begins to break down the CBD inside which begins the process of absorption in your bloodstream and the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Gel capsules typically act faster than tablets because the body is able to break them down quicker through targeted delivery. Additionally, gel capsules have a higher bioavailability than traditional tablets, which means more of the contents are likely to make it to your bloodstream. With tablets, the CBD can be broken down unevenly in the digestive system which may result in lower effectiveness.

With extended-release capsules, they are designed so that the CBD releases slowly and steadily into your bloodstream throughout the day. For individuals who want continuous and long-lasting effects of CBD rather than immediate, all at once relief, the extended-release capsule is a viable option.

Are extended-release CBD capsules a good option for you?

When gel capsules were originally designed, the intent was to curb the foul taste that medicine can sometimes have and to help keep digestive discomfort at bay. In the process of inventing gel capsules, more promising results revealed themselves: increased effectiveness of the actual substance, tamper resistance in storage and handling, and longer-lasting results.

All this in mind, gel capsules are a great option for people who are on-the-go and appreciate the long-lasting effects of CBD. For those who use CBD to assist with stress, a slower release can add longevity to the positive feeling they get from taking CBD. Similarly, extended-release is favored by people who use CBD as a sleep aid as a slow-release of CBD throughout the night can maintain the calming and sleep-inducing effects of CBD.

Extended-release capsules are also easy to pack for travelers and commuters who prefer to take their CBD at a certain time of day. So for those who like to have coffee on the train then take CBD once they get to work or the gym capsules are a discrete option providing daylong benefits.

Which is better: capsules, oils or tinctures?

It depends. One of CBD’s greatest qualities is its versatility. Depending on your lifestyle and what you want out of CBD, you may enjoy consuming it in various ways for different occasions.

For long-term and consistent use, capsules are usually more convenient. Since they are pre-dosed, you can cut the time you’d spend accurately measuring an oil dose. In general, capsules can be a quick addition to a routine whereas oils may take some more time and effort. If you are interested in trying an extended-release option, our Social CBD Extended-Release Capsules provide 50mg of slow-release broad-spectrum CBD that lasts up to 12 hours. The gradual release makes it possible for you to enjoy CBD throughout the day.

On the other hand, if your CBD lifestyle is about enjoying tinctures for special occasions like bubble baths and wind-down nights, you may prefer the ritual of measuring and taking oils. However you decide to enjoy CBD, the important thing is to be comfortable in your decision and celebrate your choice.

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