5 Tips for the Ultimate At-Home Spa Day
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5 Tips for the Ultimate At-Home Spa Day

Whether you’ve just wrapped up a long week at work or are looking to indulge in a little self-care, there’s nothing quite like a relaxing day at the spa. The plush robes, the soothing lighting, the calming atmosphere… we’d go every day if we could! But if you’re not feeling like spending your money on an elaborate (and expensive!) treatment, you don’t have to go far to experience the same sense of calm. In fact, a spa day can be even better in the comfort of your own home.

Beyond the feeling of total body bliss, making time for an at-home spa day can have some serious benefits, including better sleep, reduced aches, and a brighter mood. Ready to experience all of that and more? We’ve got you covered with 5 tips to turn your space into the most luxurious spa around.

1. Set the Mood

Your bathroom’s fluorescent lighting might be great when you’re getting ready for the day, but it’s not exactly spa-worthy. Grab a few of your favorite candles and use those instead! This not only creates a soothing ambiance, but is proven to help calm the body and mind, especially if your candles are scented. You’ll want to make sure you feel truly at ease, so if your space is in need of a tidy, we recommend taking a few minutes to get organized (you know, putting away your skincare products, decluttering the counter, stuff like that). Finish everything off by queuing up your favorite soothing playlist so your spa day has a relaxing soundtrack. You’ll be feeling like you’re on vacation in no time.

2. Unplug

The urge to scroll through Instagram or check your emails is pretty much ever-present, but this is your time, so switch your phone to airplane mode! You might want to pull up the latest Netflix series, but we promise the peace and quiet will be more than worth it. This way you won’t get any notifications or feel tempted to fall for one of many potential distractions. After you’ve had a chance to truly relax, chances are you’ll want to stay away from your phone for the rest of the day… a little time away from technology during your spa day might be just what you need to break that social media habit.

3. Take a Relaxing Bath

Remember a few of those benefits we mentioned earlier? Well, baths help with all of that, and more. If you’ve been experiencing aches lately, either from going a bit too hard in your workouts or simply from sitting hunched over your computer for days on end, warm water can improve blood circulation to ease muscle tightness. You’re also likely to not only fall asleep faster, but experience a deeper sleep when you take a restorative bath. This is thanks to the fact that baths lower your core temperature, signaling to your body that it’s time to start winding down for the day. Add in stress relief and an improved mood, and there’s no better addition to your spa day.

As you can see, we’re pretty passionate about the benefits of baths, which is why we decided it was time to create something to make the experience even more relaxing. Enter our new Rest & Relax CBD Bath Salts. With a soothing lavender scent and the highest quality CBD out there, your spa day just got extra soothing. Just add a cup of the salts into warm, running water and soak for at least 20 minutes to experience all of those benefits.

4. Focus on Healing Ingredients

Sure, you could grab the first bath product or body lotion that you see at your neighborhood convenience store, but ingredients matter a lot when it comes to giving your body the R+R it deserves. Our new Rest + Relax CBD Bath Salts feature an amazing host of healing ingredients, including arnica, magnesium, argan oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil to soothe and repair skin. Epsom salts, which you likely know and love for their ability to almost immediately put the body at ease, meets CBD, and arnica, a key ingredient for total-body relief. The result? Complete relaxation. Plus, two additional, mineral-rich sea salts (Himalayan and Dead Sea), help detoxify the body and reduce inflammation.

As an added bonus to your ritual, give our Rest Body Lotion a try. It also features arnica, a superstar ingredient for relieving tension, and argan oil, which deeply heals and moisturizes the skin. Essential oils of lavender, bergamot, and chamomile immediately put the mind at ease, while magnesium relaxes tired muscles for your best sleep yet.

5. Add Some Finishing Touches

No at-home spa day is complete without the final touches. Grab your softest towel, slip into your comfiest robe, and make yourself a cup of CBD infused tea to turn the cozy environment up a notch and replicate the experience you might have at a luxury hotel. Although you can start your ritual at any time of day, we highly recommend doing so right before bed, so that you can drift off with ease and experience all of those sleep benefits we mentioned. Sweet dreams are on the way!

The Takeaway…

Maybe you’re looking for an antidote to stress, need a little something to help with those winter blues, or just want to carve out more time to take care of yourself. Whatever your goals, an at-home spa day could be exactly what you need. And when yours includes a restorative bath with soothing CBD bath salts, there’s even more reason to set aside an hour or two. With benefits that encompass everything from sleep to boosting your mood to helping relieve those annoying aches, you might even want to make this a weekly ritual. Get ready to feel relaxed and refreshed for hours to come.

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