Let’s Talk About Exercise
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Let’s Talk About Exercise

Most of us probably need more of it and aren’t getting enough. Doctors keep going on about its importance and how sitting is the new smoking. It’s on all the magazine covers, social media posts by fitness influencers, and countless videos. A lot of the time, the focus is either on disease (exercise prevents heart disease and diabetes etc.) or on aesthetics (looking fabulous in a swimsuit, for example). In the interest of your mental health - and ours - we’ll spare you the usual lecture, and we’ll get into some of the more interesting and unexpected benefits of physical exercise for you. The good news is that according to the CDC, you don’t need to run marathons every day; just 30 minutes of moderate cardiovascular exercise per day are necessary to reap these incredible benefits.

A Workout for Your Brain

While physical exercise is awesome for your heart and muscles, it’s also essential for that vital organ that is always running in the background and ensuring all your body’s systems are functioning: the brain. Many studies have shown that regular physical activity can reduce the possibility of cognitive decline in seniors while boosting brain power and function in people of all ages. In other words, regular physical exercise makes you smarter. Next time you have an important exam coming up or a challenging project at work, try hitting the gym for a brain boost! 

The Secret to a Happier You

We know that exercise is great for cardiovascular health, bone and muscle health, and good looks; plus, it can make us smarter. But the benefits don’t end there. We’re just warming up (exercise-related pun intended). In addition to all the benefits listed above, regular exercise is also great for your mental health and mood. Many studies have shown that physical activity can improve mood while reducing stress, anxiety, and depression in adults. Plus, when you exercise regularly, you sleep better. If you’re struggling to get enough restful ZZZZs, go for a run or walk around your neighborhood. It can help you sleep peacefully, recharge your batteries and wake up energized. 

Exercise and the Endocannabinoid System (ECS)

If you’ve been following us at Social CBD for a while, you’ve probably noticed that we love to talk about the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This is a complex bodily system that isn’t yet fully understood, but the research shows incredible results, especially when it comes to the effects of regular physical exercise on your ECS. 

Simply put, your body produces its own natural cannabinoids that bind to receptors in the organs and cells. Those receptors are responsible for keeping the body balanced and can affect systems like sleep, stress, appetite, and inflammation. In the past, it was hypothesized that endorphins were behind the feeling of well-being that runners and other athletes feel after intense exercise. However, recent research suggests that the ECS is actually the system responsible! Our bodies produce natural endocannabinoids during exercise that bind to cannabinoid receptors, giving us all the good feelings associated with an intense workout session.

So, go balance that ECS and give your brain a shot of good feels and natural endocannabinoids by hitting the gym today. As a bonus, you’ll get smarter, feel younger, be happier, and, of course, you’ll feel great in your own skin. 

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