Relaxed & Rejuvenated: Why Our Chill CBD Gummies Are Essential This Fall
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Relaxed & Rejuvenated: Why Our Chill CBD Gummies Are Essential This Fall

Let’s face it — 2020 has been stressful. A raging pandemic, unprecedented natural disasters, and heated political campaigns all wrapped up tightly in a Chipotle burrito from 2017.

Coping with the stress thrust upon us this year can take many forms. Meditation apps have seen a sharp spike in downloads. Family Zoom calls have become a normal weekly routine for many. Even a walk through the park seems like a luxury some days.

CBD is known to have calming, relaxing effects on the user by helping the flow of serotonin throughout the brain and body.

While research is still new, anecdotal reviews for Social CBD’s Chill Lemon Berry Gummies have shown it to be a great tool for many looking to cope with the stress.

Social CBD has found a perfect formula for those people with a lot of stress. The gummies help you manage stress with a combination of four effective ingredients that help you chill-out while staying focused enough to complete tasks. A critical combination for those looking to start the school year off right.

These four ingredients each play a critical role in helping you stay relaxed, cope with stress, and enjoy the moment just a little bit more.

Broad-Spectrum CBD (25MG Per Serving)

Shown to help improve the body’s natural response to stress, CBD can help take the edge of off new beginnings, awkward Zoom classes and meetings, and forced family interactions (if you’re like me).

L-Theanine (100MG Per Serving) & GABA (200MG Per Serving)

Theanine is actually a compound very prevalent in tea and is known to provide a natural, calming effect. Especially for those looking to decompress after a long day working and studying.

GABA, also very calming, is a compound commonly found in the brain naturally. GABA’s natural function is the lower the activity of neurons in the brain, which reduces the level of stress and fear stemmed from overactivity.

Lemon Balm (70MG Per Serving)

While essential oils are making their way into a clinical setting, the scent and use of lemon balm is being widely considered as a vital tool to helping patients cope with stress and anxiety post-surgery.

This naturally occurring botanical helps take the edge off and provides a calming effect for both the mind and body.

Give Them A Try!

We highly recommend our Chill CBD Gummies for anyone looking to cope with the stresses of adapting to new environments and finding a new normal amidst the stressors that this fall might bring. They’re delightful and effective, the perfect antidote to life in 2020.

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