How to Survive Daylight Savings Time
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How to Survive Daylight Savings Time

Losing an hour of sleep is definitely not ideal, and this change is accompanied by some real effects on your mood and overall health. Springing forward significantly impacts your body’s circadian rhythm (otherwise known as your “sleep/wake cycle”), because it leads to more hours of darkness when you wake up, and more hours of daylight when you’d usually be heading to bed. Your sleep/wake cycle is regulated by light, so this really throws everything off course.

It takes a while for your body to adjust to this sudden shift, leaving you feeling sleepy during the day and wide awake in the evening in those first few days after the change (this is similar to how you might feel adjusting to east coast time after a flight from the west coast).

But before you plan on adding an extra shot of espresso to that Sunday morning coffee, you should know there are several natural changes you can make to ease the effect that Daylight Savings Time has on your body and mind. Below, we’re breaking down a few of ours tips on what to do (and not do) to make it all a little easier:

1. Make sure sleep is a priority

If you’re already sleep deprived, spring forward can be especially rough. So, if you’re not getting the 7-9 hours recommended by the National Sleep Foundation, make sure you do so in the week leading up to the change. It’s also beneficial to try to fall asleep and wake up at the same time every day (yes, including weekends). Just try going to bed and waking up around 15-20 minutes earlier than you typically would so you can prepare your body for what’s to come.

Of course, for those of us who are feeling stressed or have a hard time turning our minds off so we can get the rest we need, this might be harder than it sounds. Thankfully, our Rest Gel Capsules are here to help. Active levels of passionflower and valerian root, two plant-based ingredients with serious cred when it comes to sleep, help your mind and body relax so you can wind down and drift off with ease. Plus, these easy-to-take capsules feature pure CBD for that truly rejuvenating rest. Just take one capsule 15-30 minutes before bed and you’ll be dreaming in no time.

2. Skip the midday coffee

Sometimes that midday slump is real, and you might find yourself heading out for a nice 4 pm latte. However, if sleeping well and adjusting to the time shift is a goal of yours, you might want to opt for more water or a cup of decaffeinated tea instead. For your best sleep, caffeine should be avoided in the 6 hours before bedtime. We also recommend holding on that evening glass of wine, at least on the Saturday night before spring forward, as alcohol can really impact your sleep quality. Your body will thank you the next day.

3. Limit screen time before bed

You’ve probably heard time and time again how disruptive the blue light from screens can be to your sleep, but somehow still struggle to stop the scroll. We know what that’s like, but if there’s any time to ditch the screens before bed, it’s right before Daylight Savings Time. You need the best quality sleep you can get to ease the transition, so maybe now is the perfect time to start reading that novel you keep saying you’ll get around to. Trust us, your email and Instagram feed will still be there the next day.

4. Start your day with sunlight, end it with candlelight

As we mentioned above, light plays a huge role in your sleep/wake cycle, and there are ways to use light to help signal to your body that it’s time to either wake up and face the day or unwind. Try to go for a walk in the morning once the sun rises to soak up some of that sunlight. This will not only help you feel awake and ready to tackle the rest of your agenda, but will also help you soak up a little vitamin D (which provides an extra boost to keep you healthy and energized).

When it comes time to unwind, try dimming the lights or lighting your favorite candles to help your body and mind calm down before bed.

5. Boost your energy levels naturally

If you still find yourself feeling a little sluggish when that Sunday morning rolls around (and you probably will still feel some effects, even if you made the transition easier with the tips above), try boosting your energy naturally. Our Boost Gel Capsules help you do just that, thanks to a ton of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These not only feature pure CBD, but yerba mate and moringa to help you jumpstart your mind and body. No to-do-list anxiety, here. You’ve got this.

Although losing an hour under the comfort of your duvet might not be something you’d sign up for voluntarily, these tips can help make the transition as seamless as possible. Every day that passes after spring forward will be easier, and, before you know it, summer days will be here to stay. Soon we’ll all be having dinner on the patio and going for evening walks, all before the sun sets.

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