How CBD May Improve Your Pilates Routine
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How CBD May Improve Your Pilates Routine

It’s no secret that consistency is the key to an effective fitness routine. One Pilates class (hello, overambitious New Year’s resolutions) isn’t going to improve your strength and flexibility like six weeks of consistent attendance will.

That said, if you are looking to bring something new to an existing fitness routine, CBD can be an effective choice. And as it turns out, CBD is a natural companion for people that love Pilates. Here’s why:

CBD is a solid addition to a balanced wellness routine.

It seems like every time you open the news there’s another breakthrough of what CBD can help with. For athletes and hobby exercisers, its benefits are numerous. For starters, it can keep your body in balance. Many users report that CBD can help stimulate appetite, which can help you better understand your “need to eat” cues. Pilates tends to focus on your core, so if your abdomen is sore you may be out of touch with these hunger signals. CBD interacts directly with the brain’s serotonin receptors—and since these receptors play a big role in your body’s digestive system, enjoying CBD may help balance finicky appetites.

Secondly, CBD can help you feel relaxed which would come in handy during workout recoveries. If meditation is part of your post-workout practice, CBD may help you recenter and transition from your intense physical workout space into a good headspace. Since Pilates is centered on strength and flexibility, unwinding afterward with a self-care treat may help stay balanced.

CBD can help support soreness.

Sometimes the day after the workout feels even less comfortable than the workout itself. In Pilates, there is quite a bit of resistance training (will the straps and springs ever end?) which can leave muscles feeling cranky. CBD can be a useful way to recover from the intensity—and in alleviating some muscle tension.

Athletes enjoy CBD in many ways, but for those who prefer not to smoke, tinctures and edibles are a fun way to recoup after a strenuous workout. Taking an edible in the evening after a hard exercise day can help the athlete sleep well and rejuvenate before morning. Science shows that taking CBD can help lower cortisol levels. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone in humans and, in excess, can factor into a lack of sleep.

Without necessary sleep, athletes may find themselves feeling extra sore and groggy post-workout. Because of this, using CBD as a sleep aid can be an effective way to get adequate rest (seven to nine hours a night for adults), combat stiffness, and wake up feeling more open and flexible.

CBD can encourage you to have fun!

Similar to working out, CBD is one of the easiest ways to start to alleviate unnecessary stress and worry. Similar to a “runner’s high,” CBD doesn’t give athletes a true high but can help encourage joy. By making you feel more awake and excited, CBD can add another level of fun to your Pilates routine that makes it more than just going to the gym.

CBD users report feeling less stressed, so if Pilates is something you want to excel at but feel worried or tense, CBD may help rejuvenate your confidence in why you participate in the class in the first place. In this way, it can assist with that self-esteem boost that will allow you to feel more present in the room. Then, you can concentrate more on the workout at hand.

Now that you know some ways of how CBD can help balance the energy of people who love Pilates, it may be worth giving it a shot. CBD is by no means a cure-all for any problem, but it is a sustainable addition to your wellness journey that can help promote overall fitness and joy.

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