CBD for Better Sleep
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CBD for Better Sleep

You probably don’t wake up from a long slumber looking and feeling like Princess Aurora from the classic Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty. In fact, you may have woken up this morning wondering if you even slept at all. If that sounds like you, you’re certainly not alone. It’s estimated that 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from sleep-related problems. It’s National Better Sleep Month so we felt it appropriate to focus on tactics for better sleep, rest and overall relaxation.

Quality sleep is extremely important for cognitive brain function as well as giving your body the opportunity it deserves and needs to rest and heal after a long day. Without good sleep your quality of life can significantly diminish, which is why May has been deemed National Better Sleep Month. If you’re finding it difficult to wind down and quiet your mind there are certain steps you can take to aid you in better sleep. In addition to changes in your routine, you may find it useful to try sleep gummies, CBD oil drops or CBD gel capsules that are specifically designed to enhance rest. Here’s what you need to know this month to obtain better sleep.

Change Up Your Routine

According to the CDC, consistency is key when it comes to getting better sleep. Do you go to bed and wake up at the same time every morning or do you just wing it? Being intentional about when you go to bed and actually getting up when your alarm goes off ensures that you receive the appropriate hours of sleep.

Try training your body with a bedtime ritual, so it knows when it’s time to slow down. Start your ritual by turning off all electronic devices. Dim your room and then spend the remainder of your time before bed participating in something you personally find restful, like reading, journaling or meditating. The CDC also recommends paying attention to choices you make during daytime hours, like getting some exercise and avoiding meals, caffeine and alcohol too close to bedtime. To put your own spin on your routine, you may want to find a way to incorporate CBD for better sleep.

Why incorporate CBD?

CBD can also be used to increase your energy levels, so how is it supposed to help you sleep? That’s a great question. Depending on the product, CBD is often paired with other ingredients that can promote focus while other pairings help you wind down. It’s important to do your research about a product to ensure it’s going to address your needs.

Overall, CBD works by bringing balance to your whole system. A study published in 2019 took a sample of 72 people who all experienced anxiety or restless sleep and tested whether CBD could soothe their reported issues. During this experiment, sleep scores in over 45 patients improved in the first month and even more reported feeling a greater sense of relaxation.

For the kid at heart

If you were a Flintstones gummy kid, you’ll love CBD for sleep gummies. They taste like blackberry mint and are formulated with valerian root extract and lemon balm for added rest regulation. Treat yourself before you head to bed.

For lavender lovers

Aromatherapy using lavender has long been thought to promote restfulness. Combined with CBD, it can have a very soothing effect. Products like Rest CBD Body Lotion and Lavender Isolate CBD Oil Drops harness the power of both to help you find peace of mind and prepare you for better sleep night over night.

While applying the lotion, you may notice lavender isn’t the only fragrance that delights your sense of smell. Rest CBD Body Lotion also includes chamomile and bergamot to create a trifecta of calm and leave your skin moisturized in the morning. Can’t sleep without your nightly cup of tea? Add a few drops of lavender CBD oil to enhance your drink with natural lavender flavor.

It’s important to pamper yourself a little if you want to sleep like a princess. Take this month to be better about how you’re getting quality sleep. Shake things up, establish a routine, and if you continue to have a difficult time resting make sure you chat with your doctor.

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