5 Easy Ways to Stay Stress-Free
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5 Easy Ways to Stay Stress-Free

World stress, family stress, job stress, and overall life stress overtime can take a huge toll on our mental and physical wellbeing, making you feel out of whack. Finding ways to re-center on what truly matters and tapping back into things that bring us joy is essential to bringing you back to feel like your full self again.

For those experiencing heightened levels of anxiety, frustration, and even cynicism, taking these steps to destress and unplug from what’s feeding the worries is key to maintaining the happiest, healthiest environment for yourself and others.

Rest well—and enough!

Sleep is magical for stress!  While you sleep, your body and mind are recovering in many ways and is a sustained time where your stress signals are on pause. Even better, getting some much needed (and well-deserved) sleep is crucial to sustaining and maintaining a healthy mindset. If you’re finding it nearly impossible to get those Zzz’s, give yourself the upper hand with our Rest CBD Gel Capsules— packed full of pure CBD, valerian root, and passionflower— these gel caps are designed to give you the best sleep possible.

Reduce your media intake

Be honest, how much news have you consumed today? What about social media? If you are consuming an endless stream and most of it considered stressful, this can lead to feelings of the world crashing down on you and cause you to lose precious sleep. Take a moment to unplug and limit the amount of media and news you are consuming. You can still keep updated but don’t allow the hysteria to flood your home with chaos and despair. Many phones and computer apps today have the ability to limit your time on certain apps or webpages. Maybe you just want to consume news at the beginning or end of your day and you keep off the rest. The action of limiting your intake will give you back time to focus and reconnect to the things that really matter in your life allowing you to stay grounded.

Focus on what you can control

Spiraling is very real and feels like whatever you are dealing with will never end. This feeling is allowing your anxieties to claim control over your life threatens your overall wellbeing, relationships with loved ones, and just about everything else. While it seems the stress is endless, if you focus on the parts of your life that you have control over it will make it feel much more manageable. Ensuring you are eating healthy, getting some fresh air, a quick workout, keeping your surroundings tidy and writing down things you are thankful for are examples of things you can do that do wonders on your mind, body, and soul. Feeling your best and keeping healthy is what matters most and will radiate to other areas of your life.

Move! Often and frequently.

Working out doesn’t’ have to require anything fancy and is a great way to feed your body with endorphins and be a way to escape the overwhelming feelings of stress. Run outside, get on an elliptical, walk to the store, bike the neighborhood, join a virtual bootcamp, there are many ways to implement workouts into your life and most are totally free and don’t require an instructor’s guide. Oh and, don’t forget to follow up with our Social CBD Muscle Rub to cool down and relieve all those worked out muscles.

Meditate, even for just a few breaths

Meditation is an ancient activity that can do wonders to your overall wellbeing. Clearing your mind to just listen to your surroundings and breath, seems so simple, but produces a deep state of relaxation which then feeds your mind and body exactly what it needs to combat stress. While not everyone is accustomed to sitting still for hours on end, we recommend starting small, even just with a few deep breaths. Don’t like to sit up? Lay down! Meditation should feel comfortable.

Need an extra mind pillow? Utilize our Broad Spectrum Drops before you start your meditation practice to balance out the mind and body. Now let’s do one deep breath together in, and exhale “ahhhh.”

Do you have other ways you like to stay calm and grounded? Send us a message on Instagram on @socialcbd! We would love to hear from you.

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